BIKE MINDS was founded in 2018 by Matt Pinder and Michelle Kearns. Inspired by a trip abroad to the Netherlands, and feeling disenfranchised with the level of negativity often experienced in the cycling community, Matt was determined to create a space where cycling could be celebrated. Michelle realized the potential for such an event and the two paired up. What began as a simple storytelling event evolved quickly into a force of good, with a wide range of diverse stories inspiring people to think differently about who cycling can be for.

BIKE MINDS is a bicycle-themed storytelling event where guests share positive, personal, and inspiring stories related to cycling. Participants are invited to engage in thoughtful and inclusive conversations around a mutual appreciation for the bicycle. We welcome stories from all members of the cycling community, and aim to provide space for storytellers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

Our mission:

To change the way you feel about people who ride bikes, one story at a time.

Our goals:

  • Create a space for positive and inclusive conversations about cycling
  • Provide space for storytellers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences
  • Promote the idea and importance of a culture of cycling
  • De-politicize cycling, by advocating with personal stories rather than statistics

Our impact to-date

16 events organized in three cities

80+ stories shared

1,500+ total audience reached

After attending BIKE MINDS…

67% of people think more positively about cycling,

82% think differently about who cycling can be for, and

61% are more likely to promote cycling to friends and family.

Based on a survey conducted in May 2018 of past event attendees

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Contact Us

General: info@bikeminds.ca
Toronto Events: toronto@bikeminds.ca
Ottawa Events: ottawa@bikeminds.ca

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