Tell Your Story… at our Next Virtual BIKE MINDS Event!

We are currently accepting submissions for our ongoing VIRTUAL event series. No matter where you are in the world, please consider submitting yours using the link below!

Stories are what make BIKE MINDS possible. Since we started in 2018, 70+ stories have been shared at our events.

We welcome stories from all members of the cycling community, and aim to provide space for storytellers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. If you are a woman, visible minority, non-cisgendered person, Indigenous person, or member of any other underrepresented group in the cycling community, you are invited to self-identify on the submission form.

All stories submitted should meet these basic criteria:

  • Positive: while every good story involves a challenge or struggle, the story should generally be positive and have a happy ending. Avoid discussing things like politics, collisions, bike theft, etc.
  • Personal: the best stories are as personal as possible. We want to hear about what you did, rather than your organization’s objectives or your opinions.
  • Bike-related: cycling does not need to be the central theme of the story, but should be involved at some point.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your story to us today through the link below. Love, lifestyle, sports, family, community, adventure, travel, challenge… the possibilities for themes are endless!

How it Works

  1. Submit your story, using our online form, indicating which city you’d like to present in.
  2. We review all submissions and select ones to share at upcoming events.
  3. If we accept your story, we’ll ask you to confirm your availability roughly 4-6 weeks prior to the event.
  4. Before the event, we’ll collect from you: a tagline describing you, a short bio (100 words), a photo of you (preferably with a bike), your preferred pronouns and any accommodations you require.
  5. At the event, you’ll typically have 7-10 minutes to share your story, and you’re welcome to use any props or visual aids (we typically provide projectors at our events).

Storyteller FAQs

How will the virtual event work? The event will be run on the Zoom Webinar platform, and you’ll be able to share your story to a live audience through your webcam, as well as share photos and/or a presentation.

Can I use a presentation? Yes, we typically provide the option of using a presentation to supplement your story at our events. Presentations should be simple though – photos are great!

What if I’m nervous to speak in front of crowds? We welcome you to co-present your story with a friend.

What if my story isn’t that interesting? If you have a story, and it’s positive and bike-related, we want to hear it. What may seem normal or mundane to you might be fascinating to others – submit it!

Storyteller Tips

Keep it concise. Typically we allocate 7-10 minutes for stories. This is the most effective amount of time for your story to be impactful and remembered. Rehearse to make sure you’ll be on time!

End on a positive note. Every good story has some element of struggle, but be sure to bring it around to a positive note at the end. What did you learn? What are the lessons of your story for others?

Draw from other BIKE MINDS stories for inspiration. We have recordings of all past stories available for listening. View our past events to hear them yourself.

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