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February 21, 2018 @ Fix Coffee + Bikes, Toronto
Recap by Robert Zaichkowski. Photos by David Keogh.

Fellow bike blogger Matt Pinder and transportation researcher Michelle Kearns kicked off the BIKE MINDS bicycle storytelling series last month with a discussion about bikes and belonging. Tickets for the February 21 episode sold out within an hour. Over 50 people packed Fix Coffee & Bikes to enjoy some stories and free beer courtesy of Amsterdam Brewery. Michelle Kearns started by asking, “How can bicycles have an impact on your life?” She noted the speakers brought perspectives on a variety of bike lifestyles – including families, bike sharing, and suburban – and how lucky she is that her job involves studying something she is passionate about.

Read the full recap on Dandyhorse.

Published by Matt Pinder

Matt Pinder is a transportation professional who strives to make the way we move more human, by making walking and cycling practical, normal and safe options to get around. //

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