Past Event Recaps

Explore each of our past events below. You’ll also find audio recordings of the stories in each post.

Bikes + Leadership

On June 24th, we heard stories from leaders across Ontario, Canada who are enabling and encouraging more people to get around by bicycle.

Bikes + Children, Pt. 2

Our first Bikes + Children episode was so inspiring we just had to host a second one! Children, Part 2 was the theme of BIKE MINDS’ fourth virtual event on April 21st, 2021. Chris and his daughter Emily shared a fun story of their bike trip abroad where, despite Emily renting a bike that was…

Bikes + Children

What could possibly be more positive and inspiring than stories related to kids and cycling? Children was the theme of the third BIKE MINDS virtual event on March 5th, 2020, and the Zoom audience was buzzing in anticipation. Bradley shared the story of helping his special needs daughter find freedom and joy through cycling and…

Bikes + Empowerment

How has cycling empowered you to bring change to your own life and the lives of others? Empowerment was the theme of the second BIKE MINDS virtual event, and storytellers from across the world were challenged to ponder these questions when they shared their stories. Bikes + Empowerment was held on November 18, 2020 at…

Bikes + Fate

How did unexpected or unplanned events lead you to cycling and where you are now? Were there any random encounters or coincidences in your past that helped to create your love of cycling? Fate was the theme of the first BIKE MINDS virtual event, and storytellers from across Canada were challenged to ponder these questions…

Bikes + Limits

Mar 3, 2020 @ Curbside Cycle, TorontoStory & photos by Robert Zaichkowski. Originally posted on Dandyhorse. The BIKE MINDS storytelling series has covered a wide variety of bike related stories since its inception in 2018 involving themes such as belonging, travel, career, and growth. The storytelling event even launched in Ottawa this past January with a second Ottawa event currently in the works.…

Bikes + Growth

Jan 30, 2020 @ Curbside Cycle, TorontoRecap and photos by Janet Joy Wilson & Jun Nogami. Video production and editing by Ryan Shissler, Low VELOcity Cycling. Originally posted on Dandyhorse. Bike Minds is  “a bicycle-themed storytelling event where guests share positive, personal, and inspiring stories related to cycling.”  There are three gatherings scheduled for Toronto in…

Ottawa Debut

Jan 29, 2020 @ Mill Street Brew Pub, OttawaStory by Laura Mueller. Photos by Mark Davidson The first-ever Ottawa edition of BIKE MINDS opened on Jan. 29, 2020 with a confession from event co-founder and host Matt Pinder to the sold-out crowd: BIKE MINDS isn’t just about storytelling – it’s an advocacy event. The launch…

Bikes + Community

How does cycling help people to find and create a sense of community? The March 2019 installment of BIKE MINDS aimed to answer this question.

Bikes + Career

Despite the snowy weather, it was a full house at Fix Coffee + Bikes for the sixth episode of BIKE MINDS.

Bikes + Travel

January 30, 2019 @ Fix Coffee + Bikes, TorontoStory by Michelle K. Photos by David Keogh. BIKE MINDS kicked off its 2019 storytelling season at Fix Coffee ­+ Bikes with a focus on the impact of traveling on the saddle, unexpected destinations, and the challenges and hurdles overcome along the way. Matteo Zammit Our first…

Bikes + Transformation

On August 26th 2018, BIKE MINDS returned to the stage in Toronto, in collaboration with the City of Toronto’s Bike City exhibit, to share stories of transformation.

Bikes + Identity

The Evergreen Brick Works was packed full for the fourth installment of BIKE MINDS, Bikes+Identity.

Bikes + Discovery

The stories of the Episode 3 storytellers reminded us of the joy, relationship-building, and exploration that comes with riding a bike.

Bikes + Lifestyle

Fellow bike blogger Matt Pinder and transportation researcher Michelle Kearns kicked off the BIKE MINDS bicycle storytelling series last month with a discussion about bikes and belonging.

Bikes + Belonging

BIKE MINDS was full of emotion and inspiration at its debut event, Bikes+Belonging, on Jan 21st.

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